Tearaway Trousers has come to an end

For those who don't follow along on Twitter, 5by5, iTunes, RSS, Flipboard, various podcast apps, or newspapers, I bring you sad news.

We've brought Bionic to an end just after its second birthday.

Historians often reflect upon Bionic's turning point — episode 51 — wherein Myke accidentally loosened his grip on the narrative and we ended up on an odd trajectory discussing nothing in particular for 44 episodes. So, for those looking to see what all of this was about or wondering why "Car, Plane, or Boat?" is a serious question, I'd recommend starting there.

Bionic made the pencil note list and will leave a hole that is difficult to fill both in that list and in my weekly schedule.  For me it fulfilled that time when you fancy the escapism of infantile, nonsense, that moment of listening to a couple of guys always trying to take dicking around to whole new level of, well, dicking around.

The final episode was wasn't the funniest, it was even awkward in places, but it was poignant. It captured a moment we have all felt at some time or other - a moment where, despite our better instincts, we have decided to just grow up a tiny bit and we are not keen on the immediate consequences of that.

Bionic made me smile. 

Thanks Matt and Myke.