The pencil note list

The finest podcasts

Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin shine brightly in this wide ranging feast of humour, personal productivity and emotional and attitudinal counselling. The show has been going for a long time and the quality of episodes varies wildly but the worst ones are good and the best ones are awesome.

No topic is out of bounds with recent sorties even daring to venture into the forbidden subject of child raising. Occasionally they talk about comics, which is always boring but you can just skip over that bit.

Like Woody Allen on Omni Focus meets Oprah.

Test Match Special 

You don't have to love cricket to love this.

This is the BBC and Englishness at it's quintessential best. There are some people in the world that don't subscribe to the POV that Cricket is the ultimate metaphor for life and that listening to TMS is the church of that. That's OK. Let them hear this a couple of times and they'll soon come on board. This 30 minute round up is just the gateway drug to the true TMS experience which you need to listen to live over it's full 8 hour per day run.

My mother could have hit that ball with a stick of rhubarb. 

Bionic - RETIRED

Bionic describes itself as: Once, Bionic was a show dedicated to the analysis of competing technological and media ecosystems. Today, Bionic has grown into a weekly examination of absurdity, intrigue, British culture, and, from time-to-time, technology. Really it's just two grown men who should know better messing about. The conceit that makes it hilarious is the tension between Matt Alexander, always on the cusp of being really, really naughty and Myke Hurley, trying to rein him back in.

A Morecambe and Wise approach to taking cocking about to whole new level.

Any Questions

Politics is a battle of ideas.

Any Questions is the ultimate curated battleground.