Perhaps being a tech geek is about to stop being cool

Beginning - Matt Gemmell

Most importantly, everything I write is now for myself. It’s just me, and whatever happens to be on my mind at the time. For better or for worse, it’s all strictly personal.

Occasionally, I’ll still write about technology - but only because it happens to be on my mind. I’m very unlikely to write about programming, and there isn’t going to be any new source code. Certainly no apps. Those things feel like part of the past, for me.

I’ll be (and have been) writing a lot more about writing, which is my main focus. My thoughts on issues that are important to me, and whichever topics take my fancy at the time. That’s all I can promise.

Maybe it's just me but after a long period of blogs just chugging along, recently it feels like there is a lot of change in the air. Old faithful blogs suddenly feel a little stale and there is a drive toward diversification from traditional tech and geek subjects toward a wider, more challenging and interesting remit.

Matt Gemmell is one of the most refreshing and inspiring voices in this evolution. One of many and one of the best. But, it makes me wonder if this is a forward indicator of a wider phenomenon.

Perhaps being a tech geek is about to stop being cool.

This generation is so used to 'tech being cool' we have almost forgotten that for most of the history of time being a tech nerd was the centre of un-cool. The zenith of, 'Cross the road to avoid that loser', un-cool.

The tide was always going to change and in the context of broader history, I'm sure 'geeks being cool' will be seen as the aberration rather than the norm.

Perhaps this is the start. The desire to read more about Art, Literature, Music, Politics, Sex etc. on blogs and less about the pixel size on the next wristwatch might be the start of - 'For goodness sake, don't invite the tech guy to the party. They'll only bore everyone with that Node v Java Script conversation whilst the rest of us are trying to have fun.'

Just saying, Bankers in red braces with mobile phones the size of bricks were cool once.