The best RSS reader for iPad

Shawn Blanc on the best RSS reader:

There are three top shelf RSS apps for the iPad: Reeder, Mr. Reader, and Unread. All three are excellent — each in their own way — and I’ve used all three extensively over the years.

In our latest app review for The Sweet Setup, Robert McGinley Myers compares these three apps, hits on each one’s pros and cons, and lays out our reasoning for why we think Unread is the best of the bunch for most people.

I have the Reeder icon and the Unread icon adjacent to each other on page 1 of my home screen.

Can't decide between them.

I prefer the design and layout of Unread but always have to switch to Reeder when I want to edit or add to my RSS feed.

Unread feels unfinished without this feature (actually, not feature, ability) and the recent announcement from Jared Sincair that further development of Unread has ceased means that Reeder is likely to win out in the longer term.

A bit like giving up your pretty girlfriend for a more practical one.