Suarez Bite

The BBC reports

Uruguay's Luis Suarez was involved in a controversial World Cup incident as he appeared to bite Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during their Group D clash. The Liverpool striker, 27, lunged at Chiellini in the penalty area just before Diego Godin's Uruguay winner.

The allegation is yet to be proved but the evidence appears pretty damning. 


If it is true, this would be the third time that Suarez has assaulted another player through biting them on the pitch with previous incidents at Ajax and Chelsea already on record. 

Can you imagine any other profession; say a lawyer, or a software developer, or a university professor, where an individual was seen as one of the top performers in the world but colleagues just had to 'deal with' the fact that every so often he bit one of them when he got too excited about doing his job.

The individual would be in prison and, if they had done it three times, they be struck off permanently and cast out of their job. 

Football needs to demonstrate that it has some standards and as far as Suarez is concerned, it should be three strikes and you are out. 

For good.