Don't go to College

Marco Arment choosing to clarify his earlier advocation to be an academic slacker:

My philosophy about being a C student and not needing to do 80% of the work should also be taken lightly. That strategy works well if you want to follow a path like mine after college: working for small companies that care less about your GPA.

I was a C student because I was (and am) a slacker and lacked the self-discipline to do better, not because it’s the smartest path to take. Performing better opens more doors.

What Marco is too modest to say, but never the less is the truth, is that you can only afford to be a bit of a slacker if you are actually uber smart and naturally super talented. 

If this is true about you then the good news is that you can be a bit of a slacker but the bad news is people won't like you for it.