Ben Brooks' WWDC summary

Ben Brooks was one of the first out of the gate with his WWDC summary

I don’t typically do WWDC keynote wrap ups, but this wasn’t a typical WWDC keynote. You can find all the details of what was and wasn’t elsewhere, what I want to talk about is the things they announced which appear to be immediate game changers

It's a great summary, with almost every point spot on. There is one error and one omission.

When Ben eulogises iCloud drive:

This is effectively Dropbox, with far better integration in Apple products. You can’t beat this — you won’t beat it. And it’s on Windows. People like to dog on iCloud, but I’ve been using it seriously since it came out and I’ve yet to encounter any major issue — or even minor issues.

If Apple can scale iCloud Drive there will be no stopping it — and I really believe that.

This misses a key remaining downside - the inability to be able to save non-Apple files, which means iCloud drive is not 'effectively Dropbox'. Far from it. Without being able to save Word docs, Excel files etc. iCloud drive remains an addition to your file system rather than replacement for it. The file picker is a massive addition to iOS but it's still a walled garden with too much fruit on the wrong side of the wall.

The omission from Ben's list, which I think could be bigger than anything else in the keynote is the ability to add voice to messages. More than half the time I send a text or iMessage, I'm in a time compromised situation when I don't have the time or ability to type out a convoluted message, such as driving a car or rushing for a train. I can easily see most of my iMessages becoming short voice messages.

This will be huge and could be a game changer in the evolution of messaging.