iOS 8.1 issues

Everyone is raving about iOS 8.1 and iCloud issues. 

Federico Viticci:

For the past week, apps like MindNode, Twitterrific, Pixelmator, and (before the latest update) Drafts have been hanging or crashing at launch on my devices, forcing me to force-quit them, reboot (with a hard reset), or manually copy data because iCloud wasn't syncing. Each app was tested with existing document libraries as well as an empty database.

Stephen Hackett:

In short, apps using iCloud data will freeze or just crash at launch for many users. I'm seeing it all over the place in my iPhone 6, and like Fraser Speirs, can't use apps like Keynote. Infuriating and pathetic.

I wondered why I had no empathy or similar experiences. All the other stuff from the ridiculous iTunes 12 UI to 8.0.1 - all had created pain that I shared, but not this one.

Then I remembered that I don't have anything that uses iCloud. Dropbox worked before and still does.

From Text Expander to 1Password, my apps sync with Dropbox. When I go to my iCloud picker, it's empty.

Might be time for some to return to old faithful.