Keyboard Maestro - Setting an Evernote Reminder Date

This Macro only works if used in conjunction with 'sending email to Evernote' Macro.

The Macro creates a dialog box populated with today's date, allows the user to amend that date if necessary, and stores that date in a variable called vReminderdate for use in the 'sending email to Evernote' Macro.


First, disassemble the date into it's component parts to auto populate the dialog prompt.  

Next, create a prompt box that allows the user just to press ok for today's date, alter the date or press cancel not to set a reminder.

The Variable 'Result Button' contains the result of the key press (label). If it's set to 'cancel' then  clear the variable 'vReminderdate' . If when the 'sending email to Evernote' Macro runs it sees that 'vReminderdate' is empty then it does not set a reminder.

Else, the OK button has been pressed in which case put a '!' in front of the reminder date as this is the convention that Evernote uses to trigger a reminder on stored emails.

As a result of the user pressing CTRL 'Z' either 'vReminderdate' has been set with the date of a reminder or it is set to null - no reminder.