Obama - Doesn't support absolute iPhone encryption

Obama Addresses Apple vs. FBI at SXSW: Don’t ‘Fetishize’ Your Phone - The Daily Beast

If it is possible to make an “impenetrable” device, he asked, then “how do we apprehend the child pornographer? How do we solve or disrupt a terrorist plot?”  Even on issues like tax enforcement, Obama said that if government can’t gain access to certain information, then “Everyone’s walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket.”  “Setting aside the specific case between the FBI and Apple,” Obama said, “we’re going to have to make some decisions about how we balance these respective risks.” He warned against taking an “absolutist view” on the issue and in turn “fetishizing” the privacy of our phones over “every other value.”  “I am way on the civil liberties side of this thing,” Obama insisted. “I anguish a lot over the decisions we make in terms of how we keep this country safe.” But, he added, “the dangers are real.” “This notion that somehow our data is different and can be walled off from those other trade-offs we make, I believe is incorrect,” the president concluded.

This is an important intervention which has been a bit under reported.