35% Charged


After a day. After a day where I was up and out at 6.00am, where I have hit my phone with heavy usage throughout the day. Two 90 minute train journeys searching for a 4G signal, podcast listening, music playing (Over The Rhine), real telephone calls, Evernote document search and an hour of email triage. 

After all this and then topping off with watching a 30 minute bbc iplayer video edition of University Challenge with my 11 year old son after dinner (I won but it's getting closer every time we watch). 

When I plugged my iPhone 6+ in at 9.00pm this evening it was still 35% charged. My 5s would have long since given up the ghost which would have changed my behaviour. As soon as I saw that red 20% battery indicator I would have been in caution mode, preserving the battery just in case.

The 6+ has almost been as big a revaluation to me as the original iPhone. It's made my iPad redundant. It's changed my behaviour to allow me to be relaxed about using my phone. It stopped me reaching for another device when I want to get something done or respond to something. My old iPhone was like a tease - it was a tiny window into a world of information and notifications that was just big enough to see what needed attending to but not big enough to actually do something about it. 

The list of stuff I can do on my 6+ that I couldn't do (productively or effectively) on my 5s includes: Email triage, using an RSS reader, reading books, using drafts, writing blog posts, browsing the web, reading Evernote... My old phone was for snippets, my 6+ is for full form. It's everything you can do with an iPad but it fits in your pocket and makes calls.

I love the fact that it unshackles me from having to carry anything else around with me. No laptop, iPad, book, newspaper, notebook.

It is the first real, fully formed, completely portable, personal computer that I have ever owned and I love it. 

Why anyone would not want a 6+ is beyond me.